Olympian Gods

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Olympian Gods

The 12Olympians

The Three BrothersZues: realm was Mt.Olympus. His symbol is the lightning bolt and a when he is mad he throws lightning bolts he is king of the gods.Poseidon: realm was the sea, symbol is the triton, god of the sea caeses earthquakes when angry.Hades: realm is the underworld symbols are the cerberus and his helmet, king of the dead, and kidnapped Demeter's daughter

Other GodsApollo: realm was Mt.olympus, symbols were the larel tree the dolphine and the crow, god of music and healing, and also is an archer.Ares: realm is Mt. Olympus symbols are vulture, dog and bloody spear. God of war he was cruel and a coward.Hephaestus: realmis Mt.Olympus, symbols are anvil and forg, god of fire and forge, and made armor and weapons for the gods.Hermes: realm Mt. Olympus, symbols winged hat, wingedd sandals and magic wand fastest of all gods and invented boxing and gymnastics.

Goddesses Hera: realm was Mt. Olympus, symbols are the cow and peacock, queen of Olympus, and was zues's wife and sister.Aphrodite: realm Mt. Olympus, symbols myrtle tree and the dove. Goddess of love, beauty and the protector of sailors.May have risen from the sea on a shell.Artemis: realm Mt. Olympus, symbols cypress tree and deer. Goddess of the hunt and of the women in childbirth. Loved all wild animals.Athena: realm Mt. Olympuss, symbols are the owl and olive tree. Goddess of wisdom and skilled in the art of war.Hestia: realm Mt.Olympus Symbol is fire, goddess of the hearht, and the most gentle of the gods.


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