Olympian Gods

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Olympian Gods




Zeus's realm is the sky.Zeus's symbols are the thunderbolt and the eagle.Zeus was strong, quick to anger, and decisive.Zeus is known as the King of Gods.

Hera's realms aremarrige and motherhood.Hera's symbols are the cow, the peacock, and the cukoo.Hera was both fathful and beautiful.Hera is known as the Queen of Gods.

3. Poseidon

Poseidon's realm is the sea.Poseidon's symbols are the trident, the dolphin, and the horse.Poseidon was known for his hyper-masculinity and his objectification of women.Poseidon is the brother of Zeus and Hades.

Athena's realms are wisdom and crafts.Athena's symbols are the owl and the olive tree.Athena was both vain andcareless.Athena represents independant women.



Ares's realm is war.Ares's symbols are thedog and vulture.Ares was daring, impatiet, and proud.Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera.


Hades's realm is the underworld.Hades's symbol is thepomegranate.Hades was stern and not particularly cruel.Hades wants to increasethe underworld's population.


Hestia's realms are homeand hearth.Hestia's symbol is the fireplace.Hestia was calm, stable,and welcoming.Hestia never left herresidence.


Artemis's realms are thehunt and maiden girls.Artemis's symbols are thebow and deer.Artemis was fierce and revengeful.Artemis had 20 nymphsas handmaids.


Hephaestus's realm isthe forge.Hephaestus's symbols arethe hammer and quail.Hephaestus was skilled and ugly.Hephaestus was given a chance to supervisecyclops.


Hermes's realms are thievesand merchants.Hermes's symbols are the craneand caduceus.Hermes was a trickster.Hermes was the only god to be authorized to visit heaven, Earth,and the underworld.


Aphrodite's realms are loveand beauty.Aphrodite's symbols are thedove, the swan, and the rose.Aphrodite was very passionate.Aphrodite was once married toHephiestus.


Apollo's realms are the sun,archery, and poetry.Apollo's symbols are the sun,mice, and the lyre.Apollo was said to be athletic.Apollo once defended the oracle at Delphi againstHercules.


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