Olympe de Gouge

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Olympe de Gouge

Olympe de GougeOlympe de Gouge was a playwright in France during the Enlightenment who was an advocate for women's rights.

BiographyOlympe de Gouge was born May 7, 1748 in Montauban, France as Marie Gouze. Marie was married at 16 and had a son, but her husband died shortly after so she changed her name to Olympe, movd to Paris, and promised to never marry again. She began championing political and social rights such as divorce and the rights of orphaned children.

Declaration of Women's Rights

In Olympe's Declaration, she staes that women should have the same rights as men and children born out of wedlock should not be discriminated against.

She is best known for her Declaration of Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen in 1791.

A portrait of Olympe

In this comic of Olympe, she talks about "the tomb of love and marriage"

Olympe's message was highly unheard of during her lifetime and she was constantly criticized. Despite that, she worked hard and her ideas have impacted us greatly.


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