Olympe de Gouge

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Olympe de Gouge

Olympe de Gouge was an important woman of the Renaissance and deserves to be a member of the Renaissance Hall of Fame. She was a playwright and polotical activist who's writings (some fourty writings) of feminism and abolishing slavery reached a large audience.

To sum up, Olympe de Gouges should be inducted in the Renaissance Hall of Fame because she was an influential and passionate advocate of human's rights. Her popular writings were well-known and she is famous for her Decleration of Women's Rights and the Female Citizen. Olympe de Gouges was one of the earlier activists in history, and surely one of the first female human rights activists who was against slavery and fought for female rights. Without Olympe de Gouges, perhaps feminism and acts against slavery would have been less common, and perhaps not occured as soon as it did. Olympe de Gouge took that big step in human rights and that is why she should be inducted in the Renaissance Hall of Fame.

Olympe de Gouge(Marie Gouze)

Olympe de Gouge was also and abolitionist and wrote plays on slavery, such as Zamore and Mirza, or the Happy Shipreck. However, it was not performed untill five years after it's publication.

Olympe de Gouge challenged the practice of male authority and hence wrote the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen, as a response to the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen. She also wrote on other gender realated topics such as divorce.

FUN FACT:Olympe de Gouge believed in other relationships outside of marriage.


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