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Social Studies
Ancient History

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Record Keeping

Not much is known about the Omlec record keeping system. But they most likley keppt records by using early writing symbols known as glyphs. They also may have used a caldendar to help keep their records.

this is a map of where some Olmec lived and the rivers they benifited from.

Improved Technology

The Omlecs carved simple statues and stone mosaics. They are very responsible for an improvment/ change in the art and design you see today. They also were the fisrt to make tortillas out of maize by grinding it up.

Advanced Cities

They started to develop in the jungles of Mesoamerica. This started at Mexico, and went all of the way to Northern Honduras. They began in 1200 BC and influenced neighboring groups. They were often called the"Mother Culture." They needed basic goods such as food and pottery. Olmecs traded items as far as Mexico City. Raw materials such as like iron and stones were obtained from faraway regions. This trade network boosted their economy and spread their influence across Mesoamerica.

Specialized Workers

OLMEC 1500 BCE-400 BCE

Complex Institutions

The Olmecs were some of the earliest users of the complex religion the Mayans and Aztecs would use. Because of this, one example of a commonly used complex institution is a temple. They gathered at the temple to worship a jaguar god.

Some of the specialized workers included the artisans, merchants, farmers. Although, they were the best at farming. Artisans crafted needs that made life easier. Merchants would be in charge of trade. They were responsible for making the trade, and bringing back the exchange. The Olmec flourished



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