Olmec Civilization

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Olmec Civilization

Olmec Civilization

10 INTERESTING FACTS: 1. Made giant stone heads that is over an average man’s height2. Stone heads that weigh between ten and twenty tons3. took 800,000 man hours for a crew to constuct La Venta’s largest pyramid4. Olmec in Aztec meaning “rubber people”5. mythical creature: were-jaguar meaning half jaguar and half human6. Foundation of Mexico7. stone heads often protray the Olmec’s rulers8. first ones to create a rubber ball9. philsophical and religious ideas influenced later generations10. built an elaborate swer system: hundereds of U-shped stones carved out and placed alongside to provide water run-off.

Present Map


Statue of the "were-jaguar"

Historical Map

Rubber Ball

Betsy Ro 7F

Great Resource: http://www.ancient-origins.net/news-ancient-places-americas/mysterious-civilization-olmecs-002540

Short video clip of the Olmec civilization:


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