Olivine Mineral

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Olivine Mineral

Olivine in its uncut, unpolished form

Olivine the Mineral

Olivine in its cut, polished form. See how it shines and how its cut and clean.

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ColorOlivine's color is usually olive green as the name suggests, but it can be yellow green, light green, yellow brown, brown, and dark green. It can also be orange, white or gray, but that is exetremely rare.

LusterOlivine's luster is vitreous. Vitreous means it is glassy looking.

Chemical FormulaOlivine' s chemical formula is (Mg,Fe)2SiO4. This means two magnesiums, two irons, sulfur, iodine, and four oxygens.

StreakOlivine's streak is white.

HardnessOlivine is a 6.5-7 on the Moh's Scale.

Mineral GroupOlivine is in the Silicates Group.

FractureOlivine has fracture.

Where its foundOlivine is found in ultramafic and mafic igneous rock.A igneous rock is cooled lava and magma. Mafic means a mineralthat has a wealth of magnesium and iron. Ultramafic means a rock made of mainly mafic minerals. Olivine is also found in meteorites . Olivine is mainly found in North Carolina and Washington.

4 important uses of Olivine.1.Olivine is an important ore in metal magneium.2. Olivine is used as flux in the making of steel. Flux is what purifys steel. 3.Olivine is also used as a slag conditioner.Slag is the melted impurities of steel.4.It is used to make refractory brick as well. Refractory brick is a cheap building material.


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