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olivias social tic tac toe

- It was a war between the British and the Americans.

The American Revolution

-Paul Rever warned everyone that the British were coming by hearing a shot from Lexington, the shot was from the British firing on the early dawn.-This war was known as the War of Independence.-After the British went to Lexington,they went to Concord to take over but our milita stoped them at the Old North Bridge.This was known as the start of the Revolution.-At Bunker Hill we tried fighting British again but we lost the war.-General Washington was a general of the American army. Washington went to Delware and surprised the British at night. George Washington's men stayed at Valley Forge for niights and when they got tired.-The last battle was at York Town.-Washington won war by Cornwalls retreating.-This was the end of the Revolution and what brought freedom to the USA.

DETAILS-Some of the detail of the Revolution War are minutemen were men who were ready to move.-At Bunker Hill the Americans had to hold their fire until they saw the whites of the British eyes.-Americans were low on ammunition and had to have good aim to shoot.-The Americans got cold, hungry, tired, wet, and scared. -At Valley Forge the American's got so cold that they had to bundle up their feet.-France and Spain showed their admiration by letting the Americans loan their ships, and guns.-At York Town the Americans won the battle!

This war was between 1775-1783

Here is a picture of one of the British captains named General Cornwallis.

Here is more information on the Americian Revolution if you go to this website below.

-George Washington was a commander or chief of the American Revolution.-Washington battled against the British army to win a free country.


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