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old yeller reading street excerpt

Old Yellerby Fred Gipson

Click Here for Bear Facts

Watch a video clip from the Disney movie, Old Yeller. Be sure to only watch the first 2 minutes!

To hear this story read to you, click the microphones. Follow along in your book starting on page 24.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Vocabulary and Skill Practice Sheets

Watch and listen to a lost bear cub!

The author, Fred Gibson does an excellent job helping the reader visualize the action in the story. Re-read the part of the story where Travis is splitting rails on page 28. Then watch this video of rail splitting. What words/phrases does the author use that match what you see in the video?

Click on the paper clip to access

Click here for Vocabulary Games and Practice

More words you might know from the story



  • gammonslo 9 years ago

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    I love this!!!! This helps me a lot with knowing how to incorporate the Glogster in my classroom. I am definitely new at this and eager to learn new ideas. If you have any other ideas please share :)