Old Yeller By Fred Gipson

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Old Yeller By Fred Gipson

The story takes place in the 186O's a few years after the american civil war.

By : Fred Gipson

Old Yeller


Ashley MDecember 3rd,2014

Travis : The oldest son . He didn't like Old Yeller at first until Old Yeller saves Travis' little brother from a wild hog that was wandering around the ranch. Old Yeller : Old Yeller is the dog that comes out of nowhere so the family keeps the dog and name him Old Yeller.

Travis and Old Yeller go out hunting some wild hog hunt. One of the hogs were about to bite Travis and Old Yeller attacks the hog but then Old Yeller gets attacked by the wild grup of hogs and Travis goes gets his mother so she could stitch Old Yeller up.

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Around where they most animals are getting infected with rabbies. Travis and his family were outside one night and there was a wolf and it was infected with rabbies . The wolf was about to attack travis and his family until Old Yeller comes and protects his family. But then the wolf bit Old Yeller. They waited 21 days to see if Old Yeller was infected with rabbies. Travis noticed Old Yeller was different. Old Yeller had rabbies.

Old Yeller had rabbies so Travis had to kill him. Travis didnt want to kill Old Yeller but he knew it was for the best. Old Yeller had died . Travis shot Old Yeller. A few days later Travis' next door neighbor comes a gives him a puppy and his neighbor says that its Old Yeller's son. Travis and his family decide to name the puppy Little Old Yeller.

I like the book because its known to be based on a true story. I reccomend this book to everyone because this book has lots of action.


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