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Old Testament Timeline

When Jacob ran away, he went to work for a man named Laban, and worked for him in order to marry his daughter, Rachael. Jacob had 12 children, and his favorite was Joseph, one ofthe two sons of Rachel. Joseph's brothers knew he was the favorite and they envied him. One day, he went to go check to see if his brothers were working. They saw him comming and plotted to kill him. They threw him down a well, and they were going to kill him but one of his brothers talked him out of it. Instead, they sold him as a slave to some people they saw walking bye.

Isaac married a woman named Rebekah. She was barren, but God gave her twins. She gave birth to Jacob and Esau. Esau was the older one, Isaacs favorite. Jacob was Rebekah's favorite.

The story of Abraham is when the Bible started to be historically acurate, he was married to Sarah, and later had a son named Isaac with her. God promised Abraham that he would have as many decendents as there was dust on the Earth.

God made the Earth in seven days. First he made light, then he made the sky. On the third say he made land. On the fourth he made the sun, the moon and the stars. After that he made the sea and air creatures. On the sixth day he made the land creatures and the humans. On the seventh day, he rested.

Adam and Eve are tempted by a serpant. They eat from the tree of knowledge and sin against God. That is when sin entered the world.

The people wanted to build a tower that would be as tall as the heavens, so that they might be powerful like God. When God saw what they were doing, he scattered them around the Earth and confused their languages.

Since Esau was older, he was the one who was supposed to recieve the blessing. However, when Rebekah had the children in her womb, she had a dream that told her the older one of the brothers would serve the younger one. Knowing this, she made Jacob smell and feel like is older brother to trick Isaac into giving the blessing to Jacob. Isaac was blind, and the plan worked. Since Esau was furious when he found out, Jacob ran away.

While working for the Pharaoh's assistant, the assistants wife tried to seduce Joseph. He refused, so the wife accused Joseph of raping her. Joseph was thrown into prison where he interpreted two mens dreams accurately. A few years later, the Pharaoh had a weird dream and no one could interpret it until he heard of Joseph. Joseph explained that Pharaoh's dream ment that Egypt would have seven years of abundant harvest, and then seven years of famine. Since Joseph was correct he became Governor of Egypt and saved them from the famine.

God is angry with how much sin is in the world. He tells Noah to build an ark and put a male and female animal from each species on the ark. God floods the Earth with rain, and once it is over the Earth has a new start.

Old Testament Timeline

Creation Story

Noah's Ark

Abraham and Sarah

Isaac and Rebekah

Fall an the Promise

Joseph Sold into Slavery

Tower of Babel

Jacob and the Blessing

Joseph Saves Egypt

Offering of Isaac

God told Abraham to offer up his son Isaac as a sacrifice. Abraham agrees, and goes off on a journey with Isaac. Isaac does not know that he will be the sacrifice that Abraham is making to God. Before Abraham kills his only son, an angel comes down and tells him to stop. Abraham proved he was faithful to God.


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