Old School or go High-Tech

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Old School or go High-Tech


Should We Stay Old School or go High-Tech?


Tablets should replace textbooks in school because they weigh less than textbooks, tablets are more efficient, and their information is updated daily.

According to patch.com, every year millions of young children develop back problems due to the extreme weight of their backpacks. The average book bag should way less than 15% of your weight. High school student's backpacks weigh about 10 to 25 pounds. The amount of weight students carry in their backpack, daily, is more than what they should be carrying. Expert Kevin Slates says that “A load of books or materials distributed improperly or unevenly, day after day, is indeed going to cause stress to a growing spinal column and back.” Using a tablet would reduce the amount of weight that students are carrying. One tablet can fit in your backpack very easily, and it stores all of your homework, textbooks, and notes on it.

Tablets are environmently friendly, using them would decrease the amount of trees being cut down. Over fifty million trees are chopped down each year to make textbooks in the United States alone. If you add notebooks, paper, and workbooks that is four billion trees being chopped down. Instead of buying outdated textbooks each year, buying a tablet for each student would save more money because you wouldn’t have to replace them daily. When the seniors graduate you can pass their tablets onto the grades coming up. Having tablets would help kids going from one class to the next class, they wouldn’t have to go to their locker after every class to grab a different textbook. It would all just be on one device.

According to the Federal Communications Commission, the U.S. spends about $7 billion a year on textbooks. The textbooks are usually 7 to 10 years out of date. Using tablets instead of textbooks would make it a lot easier to do research for projects. You wouldn't have to be worried about using out-dated information. Tablets data is updated daily, and you can use various different websites to find information on. Switching to tablets would make it a lot easier to do school projects.

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Counter Argument

Someone who disagrees with getting rid of textbooks might say; distractions from tablets like games and other apps could cause grades to drop, but schools can monitor and block certain sites and apps. Our school uses an applacation called Lanschool, it makes it easier for teachers to watch over students laptops. Studies show that using technology actually increases students motivation to learn. Computer devices help students learn more efficiently and keeps them engaged in classrooms. A company did research and found that students who studied on the tablet were more motivated than those who studied on paper. Therefore, technology can actually increase students grades and keep them more invloved in their classroom.

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