Old man and the sea

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Old man and the sea

Portuguese man-of-war

- Saftey- Security- Poverty- Lonliness- Simplicity- His unlucky fishing, and what it has caused to Santiago.

Symbolism in the Old Man and the Sea By Jack Dacey and David

Santiago's eyes

Santiago's house

The marlin

The Sea

The Lions

Santiago's hands

- Hard work- Jesus Christ- Scars- Suffring- Skill- Experience "took his suffering as it came" (Hemingway 62) “I may not be as stong as I think, but I know many tricks and I have resolution.” (61)

- Royalty- Beauty and Danger- Adversity- Challenge- Victory- Trophy- Regal"He is more noble" (Hemingway 63)"He must never know his strength"(63)

- Betrayal - Struggle- Mystery- Unluck- Women- Unpredictability- Beauty and Danger "Always say as though she were a woman." (Hemingway 36)

- Youth- Fierce- Strength- Courage- Perserverence- Santiago's determination "dreamed of the lions of beach" (Hemingway 25)

- Knowledge- Wisdom- Hope- Experience- Strength- Struggle"Everything about him was old except his eyes and they were the same color as the sea and were cheerful and undefeated." (Hemingway 10)

- Beauty and Danger- Challenger- Respect for natural world- Competition- Hatred- Femininity "'Agua mala' the man said. 'You whore.'"(Hemingway 35)


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