Old Kingdom

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Old Kingdom

Old Kingdom

There is a lot of famous pharaohs in the Old Kingdom such as Khufu, Djedefre, and khafre. King Khufu was the most famous pharaoh in the Old Kingdom. King Khufu was most known for his pyramid. King Khufu, Djedefre, and Khafre all ruled during the fourth dynasty of ancient Egypt.

Egyptians believed that the afterlife was a happy place, where you were young and healthy. They would mummify the rich, and elite. They would pull the brain out of your nose with a hook. Then they take the organs out of the body, but the heart stays in. Then they rinse the body with wine and spices. Then they cover the body with natron. Then after 40 days they stuff the body with linen or sand.Then after 70 days they wrap the body with linen and put the body in a sarcophagus.

Some of the most famous structures the Egyptians built are pyramids and sphinxes.The pyramid of Giza or Khufu's pyramid is the largest pyramid in the world. Khufu had a man made sun boat just for him. Karnak's temple was built over 2,000 years. The largest religious building ever made, standing at 200 acres of land is Karnak's temple.The Hypostyle hall, at 54,000 square feet and featuring 134 columns, is still the largest room of any religious building in the world. These are some of the most famous buildings and structures ever made!

There are a lot of many different things found in pharaohs tombs. But in King Khufu's tomb they only found his sarcophagus. People haven't found much in tombs of the old kingdom pharaohs. Inside the tomb chamber of Khafre Belzoni wrote his name. Belzoni was a giant of a man who originally came to Egypt to sell a water-lifting device he had invented. The Egyptians were not interested in changing their way of life, so he turned his hand to archaeology and selling artifacts he collected. In the tombs of pharaohs people left food, drinks and weapons to help the pharaoh in the afterlife.


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