Old Kingdom

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Old Kingdom

Old Kingdom

King Menes was a great ruler of Ancient Egypt. He became the first pharaoh to rule Egypt. Menes combined the red and white crown to show his leadership over Egypt. He also combined upper and lower Egypt by marrying a princess from Lower Egypt.

King Menes

Amazing pictures from the period

King Khufu was the greatest pharaoh in the Old Kingdom. Khufu’s real name is Khnum Khufu. He was the 2nd ruler of the 4th dynasty. He built the Great Pyramid of Giza. His rule may have been for 23 years or 50 - 75 years.

King Khufu

There was a long mummification process for Ancient Egypt. There was a different process for each society (rich, poor, etc.). For the rich, they first pulled out the brain through out of the nose with a long hook. The second step was they took out all the interior organs. Then they cleaned the interior organs with palm-wine or spices. The fourth step in the process was that they filled in the belly with pure Myrrh, Cassia, and other spices. Then they covered the body in natron for 70 days. The last step of the mummification process was that they washed the corpse and they rolled the body up in fine linen. The process for the poor different. The poor’s process was not as complicated as the rich. First they did was they cleaned the belly with a purge. The second step was that they kept the body for 70 days for the natron treatment. The last step of the process was that they sent the corpse back to the family.


The Great pyramid of Khufu was massive. The pyramid alone stood 481 feet high. The Great Pyramid of Khufu was 13 acres long/wide. It took 2 million limestone blocks to built the massive pyramid. The Great Pyramid of Khufu has 3 main chambers which were the king's chamber, queen's chamber, and the grand gallery.

The Step Pyramid of Djoser, is Egypt's first pyramid. The pyramid has six layers and is 204 feet high. Djosers pyramid took 11.6 million cubic stone and clay to built. Under the beautiful pyramid of Djoser was a tunnel that lead to be 3.5 miles long.

Djoser was a very famous and great king of its time.(Old Kingdom) King Djoser was actually the first king of the Old Kingdom. He ordered the construction of the Step Pyramid. Djoser was the second king of the 3rd dynasty.

Meidum Pyramid was a very unique and tall pyramid. Standing up prominently 311 feet high. The pyramid is located 30 miles south from Memphis. The Meidum Pyramid first started as a Step pyramid but evidently constructed into the Meidum Pyramid.

Qasr El-Sagha Temple is located 5 miles north of Lake Qarun. The temple of Qasr was first published by an archaeologist named Schweinfurt in 1892. The temple was also lost years ago. Qasr El-Sagha has seven chambers and one offering room. In each chamber of the temple, there is a different statue of a god. The temple by itself stand approximately 180 feet higher than Lake Shoreline. The temple is constructed from sandy limestone blocks of different sizes. (Some are humungous and some are alright)

PyramidsOf Khufu, Djoser, and The Meidum Pyramid

King Djoser

ArtifactRosetta Stone

Qars El-Sagha Temple

The Rosetta Stone meant a lot to Ancient Egyptians. It was found by a French Soldier in July 19, 1799. The Rosetta Stone was found in Elrashid which is located in Egypt. The beautiful stone had three languages on it which were: Hieroglyphs, Demotic, Greek. The Rosetta Stone was a beautiful piece of work.


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