Olaudah Equiano

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Olaudah Equiano

Olaudah Equiano(By: Genesis & Jada)

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Passage to America*The journey from Africa to America was called "The Middle Passage." It was the middle leg of the triangular slave trade. *25 percent of a slaved Africans died during the voyageA Slave in America*On a signal , the buyers rush at once into the yard where the slaves are and make choice of that parcel they like best. The noise and clamor with which this is attended, increase the apprehension of terrified Africans. In this manner, without scruple, are relations and friends separated, most of them never to see each other again. Slave Sailor*Equiano's new name he was given was Gustavus Vassa.*Equiano fought in the Seven Years War on the British side.

ChildhoodIbo is an African people who live in southeastern Nigeria. They are farmers who mainly grow yam, cassava and taro. They live in villages in the rain forest.The slave situation was no more work than other members of the community. Their food, clothing and lodging were nearly the same as ours, except that they were not allowed to eat with the free-born.

Enslaved in Africa Equiano was eleven when he was captured by African slave traders. Equiano loved the experience with the wealthy widow's family because he was treated normal. he was afraid of the men with long red hair because he thought they were going to eat him.

Slave Ship


Seven Years War


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