Olafur Eliassion

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Olafur Eliassion

In room for one color, 360 (degreese) room for all colors, are both noteable light installations by Eliassion, both integrate intense light sources altering the viewers perception of space light and color

Comsissioned in 2006 lamps titled "Eye see You" went on display in the christmas windows of Louis Vutton stores, a lamp entitled "You see Me" is permanatly on display at the 5th avenue store in New York

In his early years as an artist Olafuer Eliassion studied under the Royal Danish Academy of Fine arts. Once he recieved his degree he came to New York and began to work under Einar Thorsteinn, an architecht and former friend on Buckminster fuller Much of Eliassion's work is heavily influenced by architecture, geometry, and spatial reasoningOlafuer is the founder of both the Institute for Spatial Experiments and the Studio Olafuer Eliassion in Berlin

Olafur Eliassion was born in Denmark in copenhangen in 1967 He is a Danish-Icelandic artist best known for large scale Installation art Focus on employing materials such as light, water, air, and temperature to enhance viewing experiance of his art He has engaged in many projects in public space including the green river and the Serpentine Pavillion as well as the New York City Waterfalls

Olafur Eliassion

BMW Art car projecteliassion created a 16th ArtCar for the BMW Art Car projectWith the help of his team the metal body of the car was removed and replaced with steel rods and mesh, which were them covered in ice with over 500 gallons of water, the sculpture glowed from within



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