Oil Spills

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Environmental Studies

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Oil Spills

Oil Spills

What Causes Oil Spills

Oil spills can be caused by many things. The most common cause is when oil tankers crash and leak oil. They can also be caused when oil drilling rigs, oil wells, pipes, and planes breakdown and or leak oil. Natural disasters can cause these leaks to happen. Sometimes people also deliberately dump oil in the ocean as an act of vandslism, terrorism or in war.

Oil spills greatly impact the environment. Oil destroys the insulation of fur and the water repelling of feathers. Most of these animals caught in oil spills lose their body heat and die. animals can be poisoned from toxins in the oil. Oil can affect fish' hearts. Fish can suffocate if oil clogs their gills. It can also kill sea plants like algae.

Booms- floating barriers that help contain oilSkimmers-skim/scoop oil of surface of water Sorbents-materials that can absorb oilChemical Dispersents and biological agents-break down the oil into it’s chemicals so it can mix with the waterIn Situ Burning- a method of burning oil of the surface of the water while it’s still freshVacuums, Hoses, Shovels and Road equipement can be used to clean oil of beaches and shores

Tourism: Tourist attractions like swimming, boating, and fishing, often have to close during and after the oil spill. Businesses in affected areas may have fewer customersFishing: Fishing equipment can be damaged in oil spills. Temporary fishing bans may be placed if fish numbers are low or the water is too polluted.

Environmental Effects

Oil spill Clean Up

Economic Effects

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