oil spills

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oil spills

1991-240-336 gallons spilled 1979- 140 gallons spilled

An oil spill is the release of liquid petroleum hydrocarbonate into an ecosystem. This is mostley in marine ares but can happen on land too

Oil Spills



Humans help by either burning the oil,dispersing it, or skimming it. Only a certain method can be used in each scenario.

We humans depend on the fish in the ocean for food. When an oil spill occurs it kills a lot of fish or kills its food

All over the world laws are being placed to help prevent spills from happening.Even by taking measures such as double hulls on tankers and constant safety checks its not possible to say they wont happen again.

Oil spills kill wildlife or seriously harm them. For example oil destroys the insulating ability of fur bearing animals and affects eggs and larvae.

Humans also depend on the ocean for important medicine ingedients. Also the ocean's plants produce 1/2 the world's oxygen



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