Oil Spills

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Oil Spills

Spilled oil harms living things because the chemicals are poisonous. Also, oil spills can seep into the sand in the beach and it can be difficult to get out. Large oil spills from wells and tankers have been a problem for at least 40 years. In the last 20 years, we have improved our ability to handle spills.

By Rachel Garofalo and Katerina Cummings

The Danger of Oil Spills!

There are some organizations that are helping with oil spill disasters, like OR&R and Earthjustice. But you can help too! If you own a boat, make sure the oil doesn't seep out. In your house, make sure your oil tank is clean to prevent clogging and install an oil safety valve to control the oil. Also, if one of these disasters do happen, help clean up the ocean and beaches.

Oil spills are spills of petroleum or petroleum products, pouring into the oceans all over the world. These disasters can occur naturally, by human activities or by oil pipelines (wells). Thousands of spills reported annually, each varying magnitude. They spread quickly and impact the world in a negative way.

The world needs your help

They specifically affect sea turtles, mangroves, coral reefs, sea birds, marine mammels and fish. Oil gets into animals by internal and external exposure. Specific food chains that oil spills affect are the freshwater food chain and the saltwater food chain.

Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Oil-covered mangroves

A sea bird affected by an oil spill

Sea water with oil in it

Oil that seeped intothe sand at a beach

We can save the oceans and the animals!

Saltwater food chain

Freshwater food chain


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