Oil Spill Awareness Poster.

by You,
Last updated 2 years ago

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Social Studies

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Oil Spill Awareness Poster.

Stop The Oil Spills! Help save the Indian Ocean!

Oil Is Very Dangerous To Our Natural Marine Life. We must protect it. Oil spills are only making it worse. Help stop Oil spills today!

Stop The Spills!

The Indian Ocean Needs Us! We have to step up and stop oil spills! If we don't, marine life will suffer! Our oceans will disappear! We will lose one of our greatest beauties, all of our water and 3/4 of our planet will be oil! Please help!

We must step up and help save the Indian ocean! If we don't, the marine life there will disappear and the Indian ocean will turn to oil! We must do something! Step up now! Join us!



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