Oil Generated Energy

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Oil Generated Energy

The Process Oil is first pumped out of the underground, then it is transfered into the boiler where it converts chemical energy into heat energy. This heat energy is then used to heat the water in the pipes to create steam. The steam then expands into narrow pipes so when it is released it is under high pressure. This pressure causes the steam to make the turbines spin which causes the heat energy to be turned into mechanical energy. When the turbine spins, it causes the generator to create electrical energy using electromagnetic fields. After that, the steam contacts cold water where it condenses back into water so it can be sent back to the boiler to be reused and conveerted into steam again. A transformer is then used to transfer the electrical energy from the generator to the power lines that give us electricity.

1) Combustion Turbine2) Conventional Steam3) Combined Cycle Technologies.

Oil Power Station

Combined Cycle Tech.


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Cool air is released into the compressor which use blades to compress it and raise the potential energy. After that, the air is fused with fuel which gives high energy and temperature flow. The now hot air flows through the turbines making the blades rotate. The blades then cause the generator to crate electrical energy.

Combustion Turbine Power Plant

Combined Cycled Technologies uses 2 turbines to create electricity. Oil is first sent to a combustion turbine which uses heated exhaust gases which run the first turbine.Once the gases are regained, they heat water in a boiler which creates steam to run the second turbine.




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