Of Mice and Men

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Of Mice and Men

Stereotypes are when you look at someone or something a certain way based on what you’ve heard or a majority of those “types” of people or things. When people are stereotyped, it tends to be a constant thought and does not go away. Crooks is looked at as powerless because of his back and the fact that he is black. He is presented as weak until he fights back when Curley's wife comes into his room (page 77-85 ish). The two “weakest” characters break out of their “boundaries” of being stereotyped. When they argue, it changes the thoughts of the reader on Crooks. It makes him look a little bolder than before. He is standing up to someone who is on his “level”. Your text here

In Steinbeck's, Of Mice And Men, stereotypes play a big role. The men on the ranch look at certain characters based on very little knowledge of them. They disreguard who they really are and stick to their first impressions. Some of the characters who are stereotyped are Curley's Wife, Crooks, and Lennie. They are all looked at as less than the rest of the inhabitants of the ranch.

Curley’s Wife is stereotyped because she is the only woman that is not fair to her because she never did anything wrong. She did not want to live this way she did not even want to marry Curley it was a forced marriage. She could have been an actress.They did not treat her nice at all they did not give her a good place to sleep and they did not give her a chance to do what she would like to do she is always being told what to do. Steinbeck makes the woman have no name because she is Curley’s Wife meaning he gets to tell her what to do when to do it and how he wants it. She really has no freedom with them she just works all day as men they are used to being hard workers but Curley’s Wife is new and she is not familiar with any of this. That is how they stereotype Curley’s Wife. Another character who is stereotyped is this book is Crooks.

Lenny is looked as a strong but not very smart person.Most people at the ranch look at Lenny as if he lacking intelligence and common sense.He may not be smart but he is good of use on the ranch.The character Curley looks at Lenny as competition with his wife, and the character Crooks used Lenny’s low intelligence to take advantage of him.Lenny is one of the main characters who is stereotyped in this book.

Curley's Wife, Crooks, and Lennie are three characters who are stereotyped in the book Of Mice and Men. They are looked at as less than the rest of the people on the ranch. Stereotyping is Steinbeck's way of developing his characters in this book.


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