Odyssey Postcard

by RocSpringer
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Odyssey Postcard

The Sweet Nymph Calypso

Odysseus appreciates Calypso but longs to go home.

My Dearest Penelope,My Boo,Hey Babe,My Sweetheart Penelope,Hey Girl,My Beloved,It's been 17 long years since I've seen your beautiful face. Words can't expressed how much I miss you, my son Telemachus, and my beloved home Ithaca. If I know my son, I'm sure he has been searching high and low for me. Tell him I'm fine, and that he's the man of the house. Tell him that I need for him to protect you and my kingdom Ithaca until I get home.As I write this letter, I am exhausted and swollen with seawater and barely clinging to life on the shore of a strange island since Poseidon sent a storm that destroyed my raft. Previously, I was sitting on the shore of the isle of the sea nymph Calypso. I had been held captive there for 7 years. Believe me when I say this: Penelope, you are my heart and soul, and I wouldn't purposely betray our vows. Daily I "racked [my] own heart groaning, with eyes wet scanning the bare horizon of the sea" because I long to return to my beloved Ithaca and you (Homer 5.75-76).My prayers to the gods were answered when one day when Calypso said, "O forlorn man, be still. Here you need grieve no more; you need not feel your life consumed here; I have pondered it, and I shall help you go..." (Homer 5.90-93).I have a haunch that my protector and guardian Athena petitioned Zeus to intervene. I suspect Zeus sent his son Hermes, the messenger of the gods, to tell Calypso to release me.When Calypso told me I was allowed to leave, at first I was in disbelief and felt that it was a trick, but Calypso told me to make a raft for my journey home. Although Calypso wished me well, she warned me that my journey home wouldn't be easy. And she was right! There have been many more dangerous adventures for which I can't describe in detail in this letter. However, when I return home, I will recount them all.With all my love,Longing to get back to you babe,Missing you much,Odysseus



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