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This is the one song everyonewould like to learn: the songthat is irresistible:the song that forces mento leap overboard in squadronseven though they see the beached skullsthe song nobody knowsbecause anyone who has heard itis dead, and the others can't remember.Shall I tell you the secretand if I do, will you get meout of this bird suit?I don't enjoy it heresquatting on this islandlooking picturesque and mythicalwith these two feathery maniacs,I don't enjoy singingthis trio, fatal and valuable.I will tell the secret to you,to you, only to you.Come closer. This songis a cry for help: Help me!Only you, only you can,you are uniqueat last. Alasit is a boring songbut it works every time.

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. For visiting, I want to share with you here a very valuable lesson I have learned throughout my life, and how I was able to learn it. This lesson is to strive for loyalty despite trial and temptation because of the long-term reward achieved by oneself.

This, here, is a picture of Calypso, a goddess-nymph who tempted me greatly. She managed to convince me to stay with her for seven years until I left, for I longed of a life with my wife, Penelope. I believed that if she was still loyal to me, then I should be loyal to her.

The siren song and poem about the sirens represent how they could've tempted my men had I not covered their ears in beeswax. However, I couldn't cover my ears and was compelled beyond reson to go to sirens calling to me. I surely would've gone to them had my men not trusted me and tied me to the ship until I couldn't move and covered my mouth so I couldn't speak.

I have found the sound of the winds for you to hear. I was given a bag of winds from the wind god Aeolus, and he told me not to open it for ten days and my men and I would return home to Ithica. However, my men couldn't resist the temptation from their curiosity and opened the bag on the ninth day, blowing us in the opposite direction of Ithica. My men didn't trust me and gave in to temptation, pushing us farther from our goal.

Siren Songby Maragret Atwood

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