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Ode to Joy Project

What education did he receive?Beethoven never actually went to a proper school but at a very early age his father taught him how to play the violin and piano. When he was about 8 years old he studied piano theory with Van Den Eeden (who was his first real teacher). He also received a tutor for 2 years for schooling but could not afford another tutor after that. So his education only went up to about grade 4. After that his father coached him on how to play the piano and violin.

What was his health like?When Beethoven was about to turn 30 he began to hear an annoying roaring and buzzing in both ears. This lasted for about 4 months and then after that he became completely deaf. Later on he also had digestion problems. Because he didn't take this seriously he began a liking to spirits which then lead to inflammation.

When did he live? Beethoven was born on the 17th December 1770 and he was baptised at Bonn a day after his birth. Sadly he passed away surrounded by his closest friends on March 26th 1827 and the young age of 57.


Ludwig Van Beethoven

Who were his friends?His close friends were Ferdinand Rise who Beethoven taught piano to when he was just a kid, and then Ferdinand went on to become a composer. Franz Wegeler was also one of Beethoven's closest friends. He met Wegeler when he was just a kid at Bonn and he was the first person he could call a friend.

Where was he born and where did he grow up? Born on December 17th 1770 at Bonn. Up until Beethoven was almost 5 he and his family lived in Bonn where it was harmonious and fruitful. At that time his father (Johann Beethoven) had a good financial status. When he turned 5 he moved to Rhine Street, in the house of a baker named Fischer.

What were his greatest achievements? He is often considered to be the composer to raise instrumental music to a new level of art. Another amazing achievement is that he wrote many of his compositions after he became deaf.

Where did he travel to?When Beethoven was 11 he was invited to Holland. His father sadly could not attend but it was an opportunity not to be missed so he let him go with his mother. Also when he 17 Beethoven travelled to Vienna. This was the turning point in his career because this is where he met Mozart and Mozart asked him to play a piece for him. This is where Mozart decided to teach him.


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