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Scott Michaels ''Boys Will Be Boys''

Family BackgroundScott is a 9 year old boy, currently in the 4th grade. His developmental milestones were mildly delayed.The presenting concerns are: academic problems at school, and behavior problems at home.Scott is one of 4 children. His mother Ruth is a stay at home mother and his father Eric works evenings. Eric is rarely home with the family and they have recently been dealing with finacial difficulties. Family history includes depression, alcohol abuse, and incarceration for violence.

Referral Info:

Scott was referred by his mother Ruth. She states that he has always been more difficult than her other children (more demanding), never outgrowing the terrible two's. Instead, Scott's behavior got worse with age. Scott is described as "walking around with a chip on his shoulder". He responds to even the smallest requests with an inflated emotional response. Overtime, his outbursts have increased in frequency and intensity. Scott is a good-natured boy when things are going his way. However, he is quite difficult to manage when asked to comply with requests interferring with his own agenda. Mom says it is a tug-of-war to get him to do anything. He is oftened consumed with thoughts of things being "unfair", he is defensive, tends to blame others, and fails to take responsibility for his actions. At the worst of times, Scott's tantrums will escalate into a shouting match that involves throwing things. At the best of times, Scott will remain confrontational, though still avoid doing tasks by passively ignoring the requests. Scott is in constant motion, restless, and squirmy. He has a hard time sitting down even for a meal. School reports have noted that Scott is having increased difficulty, especially in reading comprehension. He struggles with retaining sequential order of information and recalling information read. He is slow to copy information from the board, and his notes are often messy and incomplete. His teacher reports that although behavior issues are not significant at school, Scott has difficulty accepting criticism and taking turns. Homework assignments are often incomplete or not turned in. Scott is not well liked by his peers due to wanting to be in control, often interrupting or intruding on others. These observations are evident both in class and on the playground.

''Hot Buttons''Taking turns/waiting his turn - Fairness- Any requests by others- criticism- Not being or feeling in control- academic success- situations that veer from his own agends (not getting his way)

Recommendations:*A parent training program involving videotaped modeling. parents recieve training in therapist led groups. *Problem Solving Skills Training (PSST)- teaches how to approach a problem in a logical and predictable fashion, using a 6 step procedure. *Coping Power- An anger control program (33 weekly groups of 6 children*(CPS) Collaborative Problem Solving- A program that focuses on deficits in cognotive skills involved in ''executive functions''*Academic Interventions: Strategies for improving phonics, (repeated readings), Homework management program,

PathologyComorbid ODD and ADHDPrimary Diagnosis: Oppositional Defiant Disorder, with disruptive behaviors (deliberately does the opposite of what is being asked), and anger outburts (argues, stubborn), Attention-Deficit Hyperacivity Disorder (ADHD) with low working memory (Cognitive Fluency).



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