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Atlantic Pygmy Octupus

Blue Ringed Octopus

size: 5 1/2 inchesweight: 1 ouncelocation: Cayman Islandfood: clams, crusteaceans- smallest in the world- whitish color with brown spots- playful and intelligent-will crawl into cans, bottles, and other debris for hiding

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California 2 spot Octopus

Size: 7-25 inchesColor: grayish white with yellow spotsLocation: Mexico, Africa, and Japan (shallow waters)Behavior: friendliest species, intelligentFood: Mollusks, Crustaceans, FishLifespan: 2 years

North Pacific Giant Octopus

Size: 15 feet 150 ilbs (largest in the world)Location: North Pacific Ocean (bottom of the ocean)Behavior: intelligent, able to problem solveFood: fish, crabs, clams, shrimp, sharksReproduction: produce 100,000 eggs (1,000 make it)Lifspan: 3-5 yearsPredators: sperm whales, sea otters, seals

Common Octopus

Mimic Octopus

Length: 2 feetColor: brown or white with spots and stripesLocation: South east AsiaBehavior: mmic other animals for hiding, make tunnels for hiding, intelligentFood: worms, crabs, fish, and other mimic octopousesFounded in 1998

Size: 12-36 inches; 7-20 poundsColor: depends on sizeLocation: tropical oceansBehavior: smart problem solversFood: mollusks, crustceans, crayfish, crabsReproducion: produces 2 million eggsLifspan: 2 years

East Pacific Red Octopus

Size: 20 inchesWeight: 5 ouncesColor: shade of red, brown, yellow and whiteLocation: West Coats, North America, Alaska (shallow waters)Behavior: intellligent, can easily memorizeFood: crabs, clams, scallows

By: Bridget Roudebush

Size: 5.5 inchesWeight: 1 ounceLocation: Cayman IslandColor: whitish with brown spotsBehavior: playful and intelligentDiet: clams, crusteceans, other fish- smallest in the world- will crawl into bottles, cans, and other debris for other hiding

Color: yellowish, cream iwth blue ringsSize: 8 inchesBehavior: most agressive species (only species that kills octpuses)Located: Japan and AustraliaFood: Shrimp, Fish, and Hermit CrabsReproduction: produces 50 eggsLifespan: 2 years

- 7 different species, but 300 different kinds of Octopuses- all species eat the same foods:1. crustaceans2. mussels3. shelled creatures- vary in size: very small (few inches) or very large (few feet)

Anatomy of Octupuses- large heads with 8 legs and a hard beak- have 3 hearts and have no organs for hearing- have no skeleton which makes them very flexible- lifespan: 5 years- amazing vision which makes the able to hunt at night- lay up to 200,000 eggs at a time, but very few survive- if a leg is cut of, it can grow back into place- harmless to humans

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