October 9th update

by carnold33
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October 9th update

Hello Wonderful Working Students in Math 1 :)This week has been filled with some great activities! I don't know if I have shared before that I coached volleyball. This is my first year not coaching because I wanted to focus more on my students and my family. I was able to see some of my old players play. It was amazing to see their transformation to outstanding players. Two of them have been selected to play for national teams! Just like them, they have taken the challenges that faced them and made it work. I know math may not be your favorite subject but you need to find a way to make it work. I am asking you this week to take on the challenge of learning or doing a skill that you normally don't do . For some of you this means picking up a book and reading or for some of you that means completing math assessments:) We grow as individuals when we challenge our minds. I wish each and every one of you a successful week in all your classes. Don't forget about our Battle of the Brains challenge between our class and Mrs. McGehee's class. I believe in all of you!Mrs. Arnold


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