October 19, 2012

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October 19, 2012

Mrs. Wolff's Class

Stop, Drop and Roll!

This week in reading, we read a story called 'Pig in a Wig.'We practiced the short 'i' sound and words that ended with 'x.'We also talked about the naming part of a sentence and thedifference between real and make believe.

In math we discussed finding the missing part in a mathsentence as well as drawing pictures to help us solve problems! We also found different ways to make eleven and twelve.

This week the Walpole Fire Department visited us and taught us about fire safety!

We went outside to visit our tree, 'Danny Woodhead' this week. We recorded our fall observations in our tree journal.In social studies, we talked about leaders and rules. It is important to follow rules because it keeps everyone safe!


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