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Date of Endangerment:March 28,1972

Group:MammalsType of Heterotroph:Carnivore

Biome:Ocelots prefer to live in densely covered habitats.But because of humans they have to learn to thrive in a varyety of different types,ranging from dense thorn scrub to mountainouse reiguns and tropical forests.


Cause of endangerment:The main reason is deforestation and habitad destruction. Another reason is hundreds of thousands of ocelots were killed for their fur.

Adaptations for survival:Ocelots can turn their ankel joints around which allows them to climb down a tree. This helps them to escape predators like mountain lion or bobcat. they can alsow swimm very good for when the forest floors flood, to get foodor to cool off.

Limiting facors:-no space-less food-less water-natral disasters-poaching-food competition-teratory fighting

Common Name:OcelotScientific Name:Lepordus Pardalis

Diet:Ocelots diet includes small mammals such as monkeys and rodents, smakes, fish, amphibians,and birds

Region:North America, Central and South America

Enviroment Changes:Ocelots prefer to live in a densely covred habitat but sometimeshave to learn to thrive in mountainouse reigons. I think it could have both positive and negative impact because it could teach the ocelot to live in other places incase all of its preffered habitat is destroied. But its negative because humans are taking away its normal habitat.

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