Oceans of the world

by Nickwent
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Environmental Studies

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Oceans of the world

Out of the five oceans, the Pacific is the largest and the Arctic is the smallest. The most recently "created" (really just given a new name and sectioned off) oceans is the Southern Ocean.

Oceans of the World

The oceans are home to some of the deepest points on the Earth's crust. At a shocking ~7 miles, the Marianas trench in the Pacific is the deepest of them all. The deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean is the Puerto-Rico trench at a depth of ~5 miles.

The Indian Ocean's deepest point is nearly ~5 miles below sea level in the java trench. The Southern ocean's deepest point lies in the South sandwich trench at ~1.5 miles.The Arctic ocean's deepest point lies in the Eurasian Basin at ~3 miles.



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