Ocean Wave Energy

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Ocean Wave Energy

History of ocean wave energy:- The first time waves were used for energy dates back to 1799- In the 1970's gasoling crisis, wave power became a good alternative long term energy source.- People became interested in wave energy and proposed new ideas but when the oil crisis ended wave energy diminished and trials dicontinued

Ocean Wave Energy

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Wave energy is about using the energy of ocean waves for producing electrical current. It is a renewable energy resource.

Pros: Consistent Power, Pollution-Free, Low Operating Costs, Renewable, Minimal Visual Impact , Efficient, Shoreline Protection.

World's top 5 producers of renewable energy resources: 1. China2. European union3. United staes4. Canada5. RussiaPlaces where there are wave farms:-Portugal-United Kingdom-Australia-USA

Procedure from waves to energy

Technology:Wave generators

Type three

Type two (Wave Farm)

Type one:(Wave power station)

Where in the U.S.????


Cons: Device Breakdown, Marine Life Affected, High Initial Costs, Few Implemented (few farms) , Reduced Sea Usage, Noise

Sources: -http://greenthefuture.com/WAVEPOWER_PROSCONS.html-http://clean-future.com/renewable-energy/wave-power/- http://energyinformative.org/wave-energy-pros-and-cons/


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