Ocean Turbines

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Ocean Turbines

Ocean Turbines Claire Donigan

What are they?





how does it work?

How the current energy works

There are three types of electricity conversion systems: closed-cycle, open-cycle, and hybrid. Closed-cycle systems use the ocean's warm surface water to vaporize a working fluid. The vapor expands and turns a turbine. The turbine then activates a generator to produce electricity. Open-cycle systems actually boil the seawater by operating at low pressures. This produces steam that passes through a turbine/generator. And hybrid systems combine both closed-cycle and open-cycle systems.

One the greatest undiscovered energy resources in the world are the current of the ocean. And while floating wind turbines and wave-powered generators are being used around the world, there still remains one huge undiscovered power source, the underwater ocean currents. Researchers at the Center of Excellence in Ocean Energy Technology have developed what they believe is a technology. to let them to use the Gulf Stream currents that could conceivably cover all of Florida’s energy needs.


Ocean turbines are very similar to windmills. The ocean current pushes the roader blades witch generates energy that is sent to the power box. From the power box the energy is transferred through big tubes under the water to the shore. This energy is used to power everyday things.


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