Ocean Farming

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Ocean Farming

History Of Ocean FarmingCommercial finfish aquaculture in BC began in the mid 1950s when the BC government licensed the first rainbow trout farms. Salmon farming started in BC in the early 1970s with small, locally owned farms, mainly on the Sunshine Coast. Poor environmental conditions, diseases and market challenges forced many small operators out of business. By 2000, consolidation had put the entire BC industry into the hands of a few large corporations.

IntroductionFor decades environmentalists have fought to save our oceans from the perils of overfishing, climate change, and pollution. All noble efforts -- but what if environmentalists have it backwards? What if the question is not how to save the oceans, but how the oceans can save us?

Ocean Farming

How does it apply to biologyBiological productivity in most of the world's oceans is controlled by the supply of nutrients to the surface water," wrote the authors, who are all affiliated with Stanford's School of Earth Sciences. "The Gulf of California contains some of the highest nutrient concentrations in the oceans and sustains highly elevated rates of biological productivity.

How does it impact agricultureThe United States boasts over 330 million acres of land dedicated to agriculture, producing a vast supply of cost-effective food as well as other products. American agriculture is recognized worldwide for being of the highest quality as well as efficiency. However, improperly managed agricultural processes and activities can have adverse effects on the nation’s water supply. It doesn’t just stop there. Research has shown that our domestic agriculture is going beyond our freshwater supply and even polluting our oceans.

Whats NewAquaculture right now is in an age of innovation. The advent of indoor tank farming is one promising way fish farming could grow. Another would be going out into the open ocean and dropping fish in large, globe-shaped aquapods down below the surface.

Fun FactsThe ocean is bigThe ocean is Blue There are alot of fish in the ocean



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