[2015] Grace Norton: Ocean engineering

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[2015] Grace Norton: Ocean engineering

They do everything that has to do with water! This career has many opportunities to change the world, you may find yourself doing work on a underwater submarine or helping marine wildlife. This job is conducive to any work place. Whether it be in the water, on the shore, or in an office! The starting salery is about 64,000. The top ten percentile salery is about 145,000 per year.

Ocean Engineering

Important Job Details!

There are many different ways to become an Ocean Engineer! You have to get a Bachelors and Masters


This would effect my life because I love marine animals and it is a great career path for me. I would love to pursue because it combines everything I love.

Why do I like it?

Pollution is big problem in the ocean today but Ocean Engineers found a way to track how much pollution is in the ocean! They made a electronic fish that tracks to amount of pollution in the water.

Cool Facts!


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