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Ocean Engineer

What does an Ocean Engineer Do?: An Ocean Engineer uses a combination of electrical engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering to work with oceanographers and marine biologists with reseacrh projects. They design devices that are used to detect underwater objects, seafloor activity, and tide activity. They must be able to work on ships or in water, and they often work for the government, military, and conservation organizations. Educational Requirements: Ocean Engineers must have a bachelor's degree in ocean engineering or any other engineering discipline. Average Income: The Average Median Salary for an Ocean Engineer is $62,523 annually

What do you mainly do as an Ocean Engineer?“I work on customized, purpose built ROVs that roam the ocean for various reasons. I make these small, remote controlled submarines for certain company’s needs.Is it difficult to become an Ocean Engineer?“It’s pretty difficult because of the coursework and education. Engineering involves a lot of math and physics, and those classes are typically very rigorous”What was the most interesting moment that you have encountered while on the job?A few years ago while controlling one of our ROVs we encountered a shark hunting a fish. It was interesting to see because we never usually encounter things like that.Is your line of work stressful or fun and interesting?“I love my job. I love problem solving, travelling, and working with others to study the ocean and work on small ocean vehicles.” As an Ocean Engineer, is the pay good? And are there many job openings?“As an ocean engineer, I find that pay is very good. In terms of job openings, there are always jobs provided by the government, military, or conservation organization that needs help with a research project.”

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