Ocean Biome

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Ocean Biome

The Ocean Biome

Temperature of the oceans water is not all the same, it depends on its lacation on earth (Windows2Universe, 2014). All animals in the ocean have different ways to live in the ocean, some travel large distances through ocean water, same stay in the same spot because it may only be the only area it knows how to live in (Windows2Universe, 2014)

The Ocean was a belief that it was the first biome in the world (Windows2Universe, 2014). It contains the largest biomes on Earth which covers 70% of the world's surface (Windows2Universe, 2014). The ocean is not all the same everywhere, some of the organisms live deep down in the ocean, some live in such freezing temperatures the amount of sunlight is very little (Windows2Universe, 2014).

ReferenceWindows2Universe. (2014). Ocean Biome. Retrived on, October 9, 2014, from, http://www.windows2universe.org/earth/Water/marine_ecology.html

As the Earths largest biome researchers believe that only 5% of the Ocean has only been explored (Windows2Universe, 2014). Nearly two million species are estimated to exist today most of them we dont know where or waht they are (windows2Universe, 2014).


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