OCEAN - Armidillo

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OCEAN - Armidillo


Armidillo's eat 40,0000 ants in one meal and other insects too. An Armidillo can play dead to excape enemies or it trys to run. A armidillo has a hard shell that protectes it from enemies, or hard falling things that might hurt them. They have some fur that keeps them warm through the winter time or cold nights.

Armidillo is a spanish word forlittle armored one. Armidillos are not blind they just have poor eyes sight. They depened on their nose more than they do on their eyes. The Armidillo's enemies are a halk, lizard, and snake.

Armidillos have a litter of 1 to 3 babies a year. They like to swim and they are good at it too. They have a strong dog paddle. Armidillos can go quite a distance, and can hold there breath for 6 min at a time. Because their heavy shell makes it more hard to flout they will swallow air to make them flout better.

See how they can roll themselves into a ball for protection.

Here are some websites I found my information on. http://armadillo-online.org/facts.html

Here is a amidillo swimming



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