Occupy Wall Street Movement

by travisharmon
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Social Studies

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Occupy Wall Street Movement

Occupy Wall Street LogoProject #7

I believe that the Occupy Wall Street Movement should have a logo. Peace groups have their doves, black nationalists had the panther. The 88-year-old War Resisters League has two hands breaking a rifle in half. But what about Occupy Wall Street?

This logo represents the letter O enclosing and covering Wall Street, the cause of the unequal income distrubuiton.

The bull and ankle weight represents the American public, or the 99%, being restricted.

This logo shows a rich man. This man represnts the 1%.

I believe this logo I created represents the Occupy Wall Street Movement perfectly. The movement, which began as a protest for more equal income distribution, slowly became a movement where everyone was just protesting for their own problems. Health care reform, more jobs, equal pay for both genders; whatever the problem, someone was protesting for it at Wall Street.

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