Occupational Theraphy

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Occupational Theraphy

My current plan right now is to continue on at the University of Maine and get my Bachelors for Exercise Science. Then I plan on hopefully going to Worcester State where I can hopefully make becoming an Occupational Therapist come true. Occupational therapy is a therapy used to help people with physical or mental illness use everyday activities for rehabilitation.

Ocupational Therapyby:Brianna Kelly



Personal Life

My name is Brianna Kelly and I am currently an Exercise Science major here at the University of Maine. I have always been interested in anything sports and I recently found that I think helping people with injury's/illnesses is my passion. I played soccer through most of m middle school and high school career and now I currently play for the Women's Rugby team here at the University.

Current Plan:Undergraduate:University of MaineGraduate School: Worcester State


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