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Occupation Project

Occupation: Singer and Musician Wages: $ 23.74 per hour unless you make it big. Alternative bands make less than big bands, but can still make a living.

ArtsSinger ' Musician

ACDC at Madison Square Garden

They also get to travel the world and go on tour, and they get to meet fans and basically do what they are passionate about.

Tasks:Sing as a soloist, or as a member of a band, perform and entertain audiences, develop a musical style to pursue and make albums, influence, and inspire.

Job Description: Singers and Musicians play at events and if they are good enough, they may be offered some gigs to become more recognized and make money.

Skills Needed:Listening,coordination, creativity, social and mental skills for music and decision making, writing, and preferably vocal and instrumental skills.

M.ShadowsAvenged Sevenfold

The RollingStones

Fit For Rivals

Knowledge Needed:English language, foreign language, writing, audio editing, state requirements and acceptations, education and training, musical knowledge, psychology, social/speech, design, genre, media, and management.


Education: Varies, but anywhere from a high school diploma to a master's degree.Tools ' Technology: Microphones, insrtuments, equipment, audio and light boards, chords, foot pedals, stands, speakers, audio mixers, computrers and recording equipment.

Tools and Technology: Microphones, instruments, instrument and mic equipment, audio and light boards, foot pedals, stands, speakers, audio mixers, computers, professional recording equipment, and etc.

"Slash" (Saul Hudson)

Abilities: Singing or playing an instrument, memorization, speech clarity, oral expression, originality, deductive reasoning, sound tolerance, problem solving, writing comprehension, spelling, visualization, teamwork, strength, and etc.


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