Observation Lab: Weathering of Rocks

by Monty2003
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Observation Lab: Weathering of Rocks

Observation Lab: Weathering of Rocks


3.Observation #1a.Take a picture of your rocks b.Describe what the rocks look like.

2. What background information would be helpful to have before creating the simulation of rocks being eroded in a river?

4.PredictWhat is your prediction on what will happen to the rock chips if you were to create a spin cycle for the rocks in the container?

5.Observation#2a.What has happened to the rock chips in the container, look at the bottom of the container?b.Take out a couple of rock chips from the container. How are the chips different?c.Take a picture or take a video and describe what you see.

6.Conclusiona.Was your prediction correct? If it wasn’t, what would your new explanation be about how water erodes rocks?b.How does this investigation similar to what happens in a river, stream or when waves hit a Cliffside?



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