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1). Undergraduate Degree Program 2). Pass the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) 3). Go Medical School 4). Complete a Medical Residency 5). Licensure

OBGYN is basically short for two different meanings come together,like OB is short for a obstetrician physician who delivers babies. GYN is also short for gynecologist. One word with two different meanings. How OBGYN relates to chemistry is by is helping women who are pregnant and watching their health too. Like if they took birth control with any chemicals that could affect them or even examine their tissues, check which medicine to provide to their female patient that would the satisfaction to their body and developing fetus. They would also have to figure out the side effects from any drug or medicine,labor symptom and more.

I choose this profession because I want to help women who are going through pregnancy and make sure their are in great health and exactly the future baby too.The field I want to do is checking the baby(fetus) and the future baby mother's health to see if their any changes like a daily check up.

Glog by: Diandra Barnes

What to do to be a OB/GYN?

OB/GYN relates to Chemistry

Why this profession? What is my field?


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