Obesity in Rockland Country

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Obesity in Rockland Country

New York State Department of Health. (2015). Obesity and Related Indicators Rockland county. Retrieved from www.health.ny.gov/statistics/chac/chai/docs/obs_39.htm Rockland County Department of Health. (2014). Rockland county community health assessment. Retrieved from www.rocklandgov.com/files/2114/0664/3269/RocklandCHA1317.pdf

Obesity PrevalenceRockland County (2010-2012)Obese children 16.9%Obese adult (2008-2009)15.8%New York State (same years as the county)Children 17.6%Adult 23.2% (New York State Department of Health, 2015).

Rockland Obesity


Obesity in Rockland County

Effect on Rockland

Cerebrovascular diseaseMortality per 100,000 = 222.5Coronary Heart diseaseMortality per 100,000 = 156.9Diabetes - 8% diagnosed residents (Rockland County Department of Health, 2014).


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