Obesity in America

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Obesity in America

Obesity in America is Out of ControlDon't Let it Control You

Mandatory Obesity CareObesity care should be mandatory on every health insurance plan. The medical costs for obesity in the United States in 2008 were 147 million dollars and the number keeps rising as the population gets bigger. If all insurance companies were mandated to provide bariatric medical treatment including counseling, medication, and bariatric surgery, this would greatly decrease the individuals and nations overall medical cost for obesity. Although surgery is a big expense the results are great. After receiving bariatric surgery, many medical conditions are reversed and the medications needed for those conditions are discontinued.

Medicaid/MedicareThe majority of Medicaid is for the lower income population, but there needs to be a change. Someone should not be able to be on Medicaid for their entire life. A person should be given the proper skills in order to get a better paying job. The elderly population is eligible for Medicare once they reach a certain age. The change that is desperately needed for this group is better prescription coverage. The elderly should not have to worry if they have enough money for food and their medication. No one should have to chose between the two.

National Health CareThe United States needs a national health care system. How is it that other industrialized countries manage to have a national health care system where everyone has health insurance? Should it not be a human right? It is not fair that people with money gets the better health care. Everyone’s lives should have the same price. We should have a national health care system that mimics the Beveridge model. This model is where tit is provided by the government and paid through tax payments

Who will pay for this health care ?There needs to be affordable and available obesity care for everyone. Everyone has the right to the same quality of health care and that should include obesity.The individual health insurance companies and the federal govenment needs to pay for this coverage. It needs to be looked at as a real medical condition. The insurance companies pay for other medical conditions such as emphysema even though it may be self induced through smoking, this should not be any different!

72.5 million adults are obese17% of children 2-19 yrs old are obese

Start with the kids!

Campaign to End Obesity A coalition group to tackle obesity at the national level to help reverse this growing disease.


Obesity Action CoalitionA non-profit organization that helps those affected by obesity & advocate for having access to all treatment options


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