O Captain! My Captain!

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O Captain! My Captain!

Walt Whitmanwas born on May 31, 1819 in West Hills, NY. He was an American poet most famous for his poem "O Captain! My Captain!" that he wrote after Lincoln's assassination. Whitman was a humanist and incorporated these views into his works. In addition to being a poet, Whitman worked as a journalist, teacher, government clerk, and as a volunteer nurse during the Civil War. He also worked for a printer in his early years where he learned how to work a printing press. He published some of his poetry anonomously. He went on to have a succesful career and eventually died at the age of 72 in Camden, New Jersey on March 26, 1892

Walt Whitman



Important EventWalt's work is greatly influenced by the Civil War. Walt was a deist.

InterestingsFacts Because of his poems and numerous letters, written by and about him, many assume Whitman was either homo- or bi-sexual. He was rumored to have had relationships with Edward Carpenter, Oscar Wilde, and Peter Doyle.

Oscar Wilde

O Captain! My Captain!This poem was written by Whitman after the death of President Abraham Lincoln. At the time, many Americans were grieving the loss of such a great leader, including Walt Whitman. The poem is written in the point of view of a major Lincoln fan (possibly Whitman himself.) He most likely wrote the poem for other grieving Americans and as a tribute to Lincoln. The poem has a sorrowful tone to it and the speaker seems lost without the president, taking on a mournful feeling. It uses such literary devices as symbolism, calling Lincoln 'Captain' and 'Father, repetition, in line 5 'heart' is repeated for emphasis, and rhyme, using done and won at the end of lines 1 and 2 to establish meter.

Walt thought he was better than Shakespeare


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