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NYWF Computer

What is this object?It was called the “World’s Fair Dollar” because they charged $1 for each coin. This is the 1939 version and there are two styles. These coins were used as “good-fors” and were handed out at the fair.

What is the New York World's Fair?This event first occured in the Great Depression was produced by upperclass NewYorkers to spread joy amongst everyone. The main motto is: The world of tomorrow.

Digging Up History!1939 New York World's Fair CoinBy: Marissa ChanGrade 7

The 1939 New York World Fair's theme was about the future.The exhibits displayed what the future would be like and featured many oddities such as a smoking robot. The 1939 theme celebrated George Washington's Innauguration as well. Almost all countries had displays, there were around 50,000 displays in all.

New York World's Fair Coin 1939


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