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Videos of school age children with nystagmus.

American Nystagmus Networkwww.nystagmus.orgNystagmus Network: Information and Resourceswww.nystagmusnet.orgUnderstanding Nystagmuswww.lowvision.org/nystagmus.htm TSBVI: Nystagmuswww.tsbvi.edu/resources/993-nystagmusFamily Connect: For Parents of Children with Visual Impairments www.familyconnect.org/parentsitehome.asp

Nystagmus Links

Eye Positioning ExerciseNystagmus can be reduced by training the eyes to look to one side. A person with nystagmus can find particular directions where a "null point" is reached and symptoms are lessened. Practicing certain head postures and eye directions may improve vision and reduce the intensity of nystagmus symptoms.

Clarity/Range ExerciseObjects at various distances may be seen unfocused or unclear to people with nystagmus.They can increase clarity and focus by moving closer to objects. Practice moving closer to objects to find a range at which you are best able to see objects and practice moving into that range.

NorthwickZeros InA tale of a very special bear.This story is a great read for a child with nystagmus or to share with classmates.www.nystagmusnet.org/cms/index.php/resources/education-resources/downloads?download=9:northwick-bear-school-story



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