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Continent: North AmericaPopulation: 8 336 697Language: EnglishCurrency: Dollar $$$

Tourism:New York is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has got a lot of beautiful buildings, parks and exciting nightlife. New York is called ,,The city that never sleeps'' because is still iluminated with hundred of bilboards and colorful neons. A visit to New York will never be complete without Times Square :). It's great place to visit.Transport:New York is the city with a heavy traffic. The most popular means of transport are cars, specific yellow taxi and one of the largest metro network. There are a lots of buses too. In the sky can be seen the planes.Food:New York is famous for bagels, new york cheescake and new york pizza. The city has about four thousand booths of fast food. In the New York there are a lots of McDonalds, KingBurgers and KFC too :D.Leisure:In New York there is the richest alley - Fifth Avenue. There are famous, expensive boutiques. In NYC there are a lots of cinemas, theatres, restaurants, cafes and lunaparks. In the Central Park there are a famous zoo, and a lot of greenery where you can relax and play sports. New York there are a a beautiful city, full of life. I dream to go there ♥.



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